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Youth Employees

W e are a growing and innovative company that hires motivated and highly engaged youth who are interested in working on projects and gaining experience that will help them succeed in the 21st century workforce. Get the flexibility to work around your school and extra-curricular activities, gain exposure to different career paths before you enter university and valuable credentials to add to your resume.

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If you are interested to work for us, please use the form below to submit your application to be considered when new job openings are available. Positions are filled based on the project’s needs and requirements, your skill set and your interests. Unfortunately we cannot respond to every submission.

YP-IT normally accept new applications until the available positions are filled and refreshes our applicant list twice a year (January 1 and July 1), so be sure to visit regularly. YP-IT uses our Google+, Facebook and Twitter pages to announce any new calls for job opportunities, so be sure to follow us.