Meet The Team


Frank O’Dea OC – Chairman

Frank is an experienced executive and non-executive director across a broad range of industries, including high-performance construction products, financial management, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and risk management. Most recently, he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ARXX Corporation, positions he held for more than 20 years. Frank’s other current directorships and executive roles include: Board member of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and Founding President of Renascent Treatment Foundation. He also founded Street Kids International with Peter Dalglish (1988) and the Canadian Landmine Foundation (1999) with Colin Powell, Sir Paul McCartney, and Kofi Annan. Co-Founder of the Second Cup coffee chain in Canada and Founder of Proshred Holdings Ltd., Frank is one of Canada’s most recognized entrepreneurs and humanitarians. He regularly speaks professionally on the subjects of his personal and business life. In 2004, Frank was invested as an Officer of the Order of Canada by the Governor General, Canada’s highest civilian honour.

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Matt Ferguson – Co-Founder, Board Member

A seasoned and motivated corporate leader, Matt is an executive co-founder of three independent businesses in the Ottawa area: HOW Consultants Inc, text2™Systems Inc., and YP-it Inc. His comprehensive range of employment experiences includes private and public sector functions, expatriate assignments in Asia and Australia, and global technology development and delivery programs. As a well-respected resource who is called upon to provide guidance and management training workshops, Matt closely partners with colleagues and clients alike to develop and obtain a clear vision and to nurture the motivation required for positive momentum. The trilogy of companies that Matt has worked with others to establish aligns with the key attributes of his professional career: managing global corporate operations, delivering and designing and high-tech products, and helping individuals professionally grow through career coaching. As a former employee of large corporations such as NCR Canada and Nortel Networks, Matt is considered an experienced and dynamic leader. Some highlights of his past work include international business operations, data modelling and strategic advisory support, global organization leadership, customer care and emergency support, and product program management. With the insights gained through a number of international assignments, Matt brings a global perspective to the doorstep of all clients. He is well versed on the challenges and opportunities associated with small communities across Canada. Working as a consultant with some of Canada’s best economic development experts at Doyletech Corporation, Matt has played a key role in the creation of strategic plans for local community development. Matt considered the creation of the youth employment model of YP-it Inc, with its unique ability to help youth develop life skills through employment, was considered a must. As an engaged parent of two active and highly motivated teenage daughters, Matt is committed to staying in touch with the development of today’s youth. Matt’s fundamental driving force is “getting it right, and doing it for the right reasons.”

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Omar Choudhry P.Eng. – President

Mr. Choudhry is a Registered Professional Engineer in Ontario and has been developing and implementing technology solutions to address public challenges over 20 years.  He has worked extensively on projects covering the entire range of applications from development of system architectures to electronic collection systems design and from data integration for system operations to deployment of information management systems.  As President of YP-IT Ltd., Omar is helping businesses, governments and non-profits get necessary tasks completed, all while supporting the development and real-life education of Canada’s youth.   Omar has ensures that the company has a strong social mandate to support the furthering of education for Canada’s youth and supporting the educational system by means of contributions that help defray the costs of tuition and the purchase of new technological infrastructure. Omar also founded the boutique engineering consulting company, The Rivershore Group, which assists government agencies in developing and deploying advanced technological solutions to solve traffic problems and support advanced traveler information system (ATIS).  His work has helped 20 jurisdictions in the United States and Canada, from New York to Alaska, Florida, Maine and Alberta.  The system deployments and integration for these agencies included linkages to real-time data feeds from police agencies, construction divisions and roadside cameras and the management, processing and dissemination of thousands of data points a minute to control centres, telephone systems and information websites.   He has also been a teacher of best practices and trained over 1,000 Department of Transportation staff in the effective use of systems for the use of weather information for winter road maintenance and traveler information dissemination.  Omar been asked on numerous occasions to moderate sessions, spoken at conferences and published articles on the subject of data processing and management.

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