Our History

F ounded in 2012, YP-IT is a technology firm focused on empowering youth to be better prepared for future careers in the modern workplace. Our company has set out to address an issue that so many parents today face, the need to assist their children in gaining meaningful life and work experience. The YP-IT idea started from our kids being actively involved in extracurricular activities that prevent them from having part-time jobs to earn a disposable income and gain work experience.

As digitizing experts, our highly skilled and technology savvy employees can quickly and efficiently complete task-based efforts for businesses. We can scale our talent pool to address jobs, both large and small, that a client may have. As parents, the importance of maintaining a focus on completing their education and learning responsibility are central tenants of YP-IT and one of the reason we limit the number of hours students can work during the school year.

Through our program, future young professionals will be able to gain experience and exposure to jobs that will help them determine a career path and train them for a successful future in business. Our focus on supporting youth includes giving back to their schools and communities, to ensure that youth of all economic backgrounds have access to the technology that permeates our lives. By contributing to student post-secondary education and giving back to our schools, YP-IT will ensure that students of all demographics have the opportunity to pursue the post-secondary education and career path of their choice.

Originally started in Canada, we continue to expand our services throughout North America.